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8 Reasons to start blogging right now !

8 Reasons to start blogging right now !

Blog is the short form of “Web Log”, and blogging started with the concept of logging of our activity. Blogging today have entered in our daily life. Whatever article we read online or whatever news we read online are all part of some blog.

8 Reasons why should start blogging right now

Life was never so tech savvy before this.

Whether we need advice, we need to share our personnel experience or we want to spread the world by showing our views thoughts or ideas on any topic, all we need is to start punching a few keys and write a blog.

With the birth of blogs, conventional writing has taken a back seat now.

Keyboard is replacing pen and ink and readers are targeted globally.

Blogging gets you attraction of the world in very few steps. It provides a place to speak to understand and to be heard.

In general, ‘blog’ is personal online diary.

So here we present you some ideas why you should start blogging immediately.

1. Hobby


This is the most obvious and common reason you must start blogging immediately. Think it like this if you are young you may busy in studies or you may be trying for your job and the most asked question in an interview is “What is your hobby?” So if writing blog is your blog, this can prove to be a big positive for you.

Some people like to write and they write for themselves. Basically, this is what blogging is all about. It’s why blogging started.

These people don’t care about type of blogging platform or how to get more traffic etc. They just love it, they just enjoy it and they write at leisure time.

2.Money blogging

Writing and blogging is one of the most promising money making idea that always attracts money. You may write your own blog and can earn with blog traffic, you can start writing about reviews and earn good sum from the owner of the products you review, you can also promote your own products, you can also try teaching a skill if you have one.

One can also earn by freelance writing job in which good blog writers are preferred.

Blogging can be a gold mine for people who want to blog and write their heart out on the blog.

If you do want to make money blogging, you must have a well defined plan and willingness to work for your passion. If you have it all then why are you waiting justand start blogging?

3. You want to be famous just start blogging

Whenever someone sees a successful person, they try to follow their path.

As kids we see sports star, actor, writer as successful personalities and that’s why we want to be like them. There were writers name on our books but now we live in digital world so now blog are now in fashion.

This is actually a great approach to find success in life. There is no harm in following someone’s path and find success; actually it is the easiest way to find success in life.

However I will surely say quick fame and fortune is an imaginary thing but it’s not impossible. If luck favors you then no one can stop you from being famous overnight.

4. Create awareness or get your voice heard

You want to create awareness and get your voice heard then immediately start writing and blogging.

This is also one of the reasons why people blog. Your first step taken will only be your first milestone, then second step, and then third and finally you will reach your goal. It’s the first small step that starts something big. Many blogs are issue-based, for a humanitarian purpose which means such blogs are trying to provide information to change people’s thinking in a certain direction.

So what’s stopping you just start blogging.

5. Unlease your creativity blogging style

Sometimes you have creativity. The only thing you need is a platform and a blog is just the right one.  You may be wondering or puzzled of expressing openly, you may have some predefined or pre fetched fear of their acceptance, or you may be thinking of what people will say, blogs are the best option for unleashing such of your creative ideas.

It will not only give you a chance for other who might admire your work piece but also gives you thumbs up.

So start writing your blog today itself, and let the world decide about your creativity.

6. Developing skills

Blogging is not only writing, but it also contains many other roles and responsibilities and these help you to develop new skills. These are the things that one can apply for their personality development. As a grooming writer, you may write everyday and blogging may motivate you in your every step.

Blogging teaches you to express your views in plain and simple to understand worlds.

Blogging helps you to be a learner your life and surely be always young and active.

Blogging can also develop your mental strength and learning abilities because you learn new things daily

7. To excel in your field

If you in some field then you can be in touch with the developments of your field. You can write new ways to think in your field and can also teach the new comers the newest ways to learn about your field.

Just take example of a Economics student who starts to blog on economics and he /she writes something about economics , It will not only help them to keep in touch with their subject but also help them to grasp their subject well.

Some programmer with good skill in creating websites can start a blog and start posting about programming-related topics. This will help him to practice more of his topic and slowly he will be a better programmer.

So if you want to master in your field then start blogging today itself.

8. A passive income source for you and your children

Blog can prove to be a good passive income source for you. It can attract viewers while you are sleeping, it may attract viewers when you are away, and it attracts viewers from all over the world.

When people start to connect to your blog they start to view your blog more often. You can then monetize your blog and earn a handsome profit. This profit will work as a passive income source and will be your extra income.

This passive income will earn for you and after you it can earn for your children till the time viewers come to your blog.

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